West Hill

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Now is the time for residents to experience all that tourists have been raving about for years. Discover shops, stops, places and spaces on city main streets. Stay curious, Toronto.

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We hope that you enjoyed exploring this Toronto neighbourhood and found many other points of interest along the way. While StrollTO highlights some of the 'hidden gems' in the neighbourhood, there may be others that could be included in a future edition. Would you like to share a point of interest that you discovered in the neighbourhood? Email us at [email protected].

Neighbourhood Stroll

This stroll takes you through the many parks of the West Hill neighbourhood, and showcases the changing community from nineteenth century houses to youth-focused community centres. Experience the natural beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs by stopping by East Point Park or explore the smaller parks that dot the neighbourhood. Visit some of the oldest remaining houses of the neighbourhood along Old Kingston Road while viewing the murals designed by local youth artists and community members that brighten the urban landscape. Wonderful local businesses are located along Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road.

Main Streets: Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road

Accessibility information: All points of interest are viewable from the sidewalk. This stroll takes place on streets and paved paths. The paved paths through East Point Park and Heron Park may be difficult to maneuver depending on weather conditions. West Hill Park and Galloway Park may have uneven ground and may be more difficult to navigate depending on weather conditions. The path to St. Margaret in-the-Pines may be difficult to navigate depending on weather conditions.

The StrollTO itineraries may follow routes that do not receive winter maintenance. Please review winter safety tips and for more information contact 311.

Soundtracks of the City

From global superstars to local favourites and ones to watch, the Soundtracks of the City playlists all feature artists who have called Toronto home. Whether it’s a lyric about the neighborhood, an artist representing a cultural community, or a tie-in to the StrollTO itinerary itself, all the music reflects connections to an individual ward or the City as a whole.

Music was chosen based on an artist’s Spotify presence and each song’s broad appeal, as well as its associations with the cultures, languages and ethnicities that reflect Toronto’s neighborhoods and diverse music scene. Soundtracks of the City combines 425 songs that feature more than 500 different local artists or acts, showcasing songs in 23 different languages.